To request for an order cancellation please email us the order # with product name, original proof of purchase receipt and issue at and our customer care agent will get in contact with you. Alternatively you can call us on +92 308 6596756 from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Pakistan Standard Time). Further, to proceed with the case, your purchase should be sent back to us within 14 days of receiving your order.


Ready to ship:  Any order belonging to ready to ship category, regardless of it payment status as COD/Bank Deposit/Credit card, will not be cancelled after order confirmation.

Unpaid COD Order :  If it's an unpaid COD order and the customer asks for the cancellation of the order, the order will be cancelled without any questions asked before the order has been shipped out of the UYC warehouse.

Paid orders :  can be cancelled for any reason, if reported within 48 hours of the order confirmation.

Paid Made to order :  If cancellation is requested for paid made-to-order after 48 hours of order confirmation, UYC holds the right to charge 35% of the order value as cost of labor, production and resources payable to partner brands. If you wish to file for cancellation of your order, once the order has completed the production phase or is in the final phases of production and/or is received in our warehouse, UYC will deduct 60% of your paid amount as cost of production, labor, and resources.

Order Delay by Brand :  In the event of delay in delivery from the designers end and the customer has been pre-informed of the delay by the UYC team either through sms, email or UYC’s /designer’s social media channels then the customer has the option to inform and get their order cancelled within 24-48 hours time frame.


UYC holds the right to charge cancellation fees if cancellations are reported after 48 hours.

  • In case you want to cancel your Customized/made-to-order outfit out of serious and genuine circumstances after this time period since your purchase then UYC holds the right to deduct 35% of total purchase as a fee for cost of production, labor, and machinery paid to designer and partner brands.
  • UYC holds the right to charge 15-20% fee of the total amount of the article in case ‘change of mind’ is given as reason for cancellation for a made to order outfit.
  • In case bank deposit is chosen as an option for payment, then the customer needs to clear the pending balance amount within 7 business days or else their order will be automatically cancelled.
  • Once the order is “Received at UYC Warehouse” and 60% of the amount is paid by the customer against their order, UYC will call the customer and notify them to clear their balance payment within 72 hours of time. If a customer fails to pay the balance amount within the above given time frame, UYC has the right to hold his inventory for a particular time. After that UYC holds the right to cancel the order and ship it back to the brand.
  • Product pictures in case of made to order products are only shared with the customer for quality assurance purposes and UYC will only cater to alterations requested by the customer at this point. The customer can’t cancel the order at this point or ask for a refund or replacement since this is a custom made product and is already made and delivered to us from the brand against your order number.
  • UYC always notify customers via email in case there is a change in delivery date from the brand's/designer’s/vendor’s end. UYC holds no responsibility with production capacity/speed of brand’s/designer’s/vendor’s, therefore once email is sent as notification to client, request for cancellation can be requested within 48 hours of email notification receiving or through any of our social media channels.


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