Royal Embroidered White Sherwani Pakistani Groom Dress

SKU: FD23464

Size: XS


Royal Embroidered White Sherwani Pakistani Groom Dress comes in premium quality fabric. Luxury designs and embellishments give a glamorous touch to this perfectly stitched Men Sherwani, making it your priority for the wedding day.

Sherwani: Pakistani Men Sherwani is emblazoned with luxury designs and embroidery work. Beaming pearls and goldwork enhance the traditional look of this Sherwani Dress. The fabric of this Sherwani is karandi, making it a charming choice for the big day.

Trousers: This Pakistani Groom Dress in Sherwani Style is paired with trousers to complete the final look of this masterpiece. The design of these trousers can be customized according to your choice.

Shawl: An embellished shawl is prepared on customized orders to pair with this magnificent Sherwani Dress. Embroidery details and goldwork make this shawl a chic choice to have a magnificent look

Detailing: Embroidery, pearls
Color: White
Fabric: Karandi
Design: Fully embellished with Pearls, embroidery
Event: Wedding Groom wear